Ironman FOMO

I have taken the decision to give Ironman South Africa a miss this year. There are a number of reasons for this decision:

1.       I did not have an ideal build up towards the end of last year. Those that have done Ironman know what a commitment it is and although I probably could have gone out there and finished the race, I definitely would not be doing myself justice. This is not the sort of race you do just to have fun, you do Ironman to compete.

2.       I have decided to compete in 36One Mountain bike race on 21 April. As the name suggests this is a 361km Mountain Bike race around the Oudtshoorn area. ( This has meant that most of my training has been done on the MTB with lots of very long slow rides. This is going to be a sufferfest.

3.       I felt that I needed a change. I have competed in the last 3 Ironman SA events and I felt that it was becoming a bit boring. I need a bit of time to do some other events and have break from the relentless training. In addition to 36One I will also be doing Comrades and then Sky Run 100 in November ( ). This will be the year of outdoor adventure.

I have definitely felt a little FOMO creeping in during the last couple of weeks and even considered picking up a very late entry when they extended the date.  In the end, I’m very glad I chose not to as I’m uncertain whether I would have survived the swim.

My biggest challenge this year will actually be the addition of Baby Average to the family. I’m sure this will be tougher than any event I have done.


This year the event will be broadcast live which means I will not be leaving the couch next Sunday. Well done Ironman SA for getting this right.

Good luck to all of my mates doing Ironman Greg Black, Flekser, Becker, Osborne, Mofsowitz and Darren Lang. You are all going to smash it.

Here is a link to my Taper Time article from last year for those competing. Enjoy the taper it is always the best part of the season.