Baywatch and Comrades

If you follow my blog you will know that I am a big fan of Mitch Buchannon and the masterpiece that was Baywatch.

Yesterday I received some great news, Baywatch will be returning to our screens, this time as a movie.

The cast is headed up by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Although he is no David Hasslehof, Dwayne has proved to be a versatile , talented actor and much like Leo DiCaprio I feel that Dwayne has had to wait far too long for an Oscar. Some of his notable acting performances are Tooth Fairy, G.I Joe: Retaliation and The Game Plan.

On a less serious note, Comrades is this weekend. A lot of experts say that the magic number for comrades is 1,000km. To elaborate, the consensus is that in order to be ready for Comrades you should log 1,000km of running from January to race day. This year I will be going in with my own magic number…. 650km. There is another school of thought that says rather go in under trained and over rested. This is the approach I will be taking....severely under trained.

Fortunately, I will be joined by a few fellow comrades to help me through what is no doubt going to be a very tough day. I will be joined by Matt Kassel, Jonty Sacks and Rowan Horwitz, all looking to try achieve the back to back medal.

Here are a few tips for Comrades first timers and Down Run first timers:

1.       Walk every hill -  Unless you are aiming for a Bill Rowan or Silver it is definitely worth taking a short walk from hill number 1, even just for 30 seconds. Trust me, this will save you down the line. I received this advice at my first comrades and it has stuck with me.

2.       The down run is tough. Don’t expect the down run to be easier than the up run. The first marathon is as tough a marathon as you will ever do and then the last +-30km from fields hill are excruciating.

3.       Don’t sit down. This is a rule that I stick to in endurance events no matter how bad it gets. As soon as you sit down it becomes very tough to get going again. I also avoid the deep heat/voltaran rub areas. Its far better to just keep moving forward.

4.       Enjoy your fellow Comrades and the crowd. At the end of the day you are there to have fun. Chat to the other competitors and engage with the crowd. When you get into the streets of Durban City the streets will be lined with spectators, as sore as you are try give a few high fives as you run by.

To close off I will leave you with some inspiring words to help you through your comrades journey.

 Some people stand in the darkness
Afraid to step into the light,
Some people need to have somebody
With the edge of surrender in sight,

Don't you worry, it's gonna be alright
'Cause I'm always ready,
I wont let you out of my sight

I'll be there,
I'll be ready,
Never your fear,
Now don't you fear,
I'll be there,
Forever and always, I'm always here!

We will be doing a live blog similar to last year which will be posted onto my Twitter feed and Facebook wall. If you would like to follow our progress look out for the posts during the day on @AveAthleteSA 

Here is a video of all the combined clips from last year.